March 9 – Under Construction – A Work in Progress

March 9 – Under Construction – A Work in Progress

I am Under Construction

I am a work in progress and under construction. Thank you for still having your hands on me. He’s trying bring the God in your into full maturity. Think, talk, walk, behave, love, and hate that which he hates.

There are no short cuts to maturity. We want our stuff and we want it now. We don’t want to go through nothing. There is no thing like overnight successes. The development of Christ character cannot be rushed. He is trying to get you deeply rooted in prayer and his word so we won’t break. Conforming into the likeness of Christ is conforming. Don’t be in such a hurry to get there. Construction processes is messing and dirty. It don’t look like what it shall be. It takes contractors who can take the blueprint and understand everything that goes into the process. You will see a fence around the construction to keep the bad elements out. Jesus be a fence all around me. Only those that have access to the worksite should be onsite. Don’t be in a hurry to get there. We miss the blessing of the moment because we focus on what we don’t have.

Focusing on what you thing you should have and where you should be it makes your days hard because you focus wrong. Where I am is where I’m supposed to be. Because of where you are makes you pray and study the way you do. There is a lesson and blessing in appreciating where you are now. Even in your problems God is working something out for you.
Don’t panic God has it in control. Be patience on yourself. Remember God is never in a hurry. He shows up on time. Take a before and after picture to see where you are and what is going to do within you.

Paul said to the church. I thank God for you all but I am confident in this very thing. When I look at the men at Concord, I see a good work. They have a strength within and they work together. We might be a little messy but God has begun a good work within our men at CMBC!

We are a disciple in the making.

So If you should see me and I’m not walking right,
and if you should hear me and I’m not talking right;

Please remember what God has done for me,
when He gets through with me,
I’ll be what He wants me to be.

Please be patient with me,
God is not through with me yet.
Please be patient with me,
God is not through with me yet.
When God gets through with me,
when God gets through with me,
I shall come forth,
I shall come forth like pure gold.

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