March 23, 2014 – Happy – Part 1

March 23, 2014 – Happy – Part 1

The Beatitudes are the code of ethics and standards for the Christian. They will give us divine joy and perfect happiness as the disciples of God should have, but it is not how we or the world think happy should be. Real ministry and service is about continuing on when the odds are against you. These are the qualities and standards:


Blessed are the poor in spirit. Those willing to empty themselves and to be totally dependent on God.

Blessed are those who mourn. Those aware something on the inside is dying.

Blessed are the meek. Those who willingly submit to the authority of God.

Blessed are those hunger and thirst after righteousness. Those doing the will of God. Those who want to do wrong but choose to do right.

Blessed are the merciful. Those who understand we reap what we sow.

Blessed are the pure in heart. Those that have repented whose motives are right.

Blessed are the peacemakers. Those who have a ministry of reconciliation.

Blessed are they that are persecuted for righteousness sake. Those that have total freedom in God and are able to forgive the unforgivable.

HOW DO WE FIND BLESSED IN THESE THINGS??? STAY TUNED.....................................

What do you do when it is revealed to you that your happiness  isn’t necessarily related to you being blessed?  It can be perplexing to think that one being blessed has nothing to do with their state of happiness. As human beings we have the tendency to box ourselves in our own way of thinking for self gratification.   Intermingling the two would make us feel better about how we live  our lives.   As for this Christian, Sunday’s sermon made me ponder if I haven’t been seeking being blessed than what have I actually been seeking when pursuing my own sense of happiness?  Would God say thus far, I’ve only spent my life pursuing accolades and worldly goods rather than him? Sunday’s sermon, which is based in the fifth chapter of Matthew is one of such substance that I have been learning from it for the past four days.  Honestly speaking, I’m still contemplating on this word.  For those of you, who are reading this and would like a synopsis of the sermon, I say please watch the sermon  online. Don’t solely depend on this blog? I don’t want to do you or my pastor the disservice of paraphrasing the work and leave something out  that is strategic to you understanding it.  You will have better understanding by watching the sermon and studying the scriptuure.  Nevertheless, Dr. Phelps eloquently preaches and teaches us our way of thinking is not the same as God’s thinking. God’s definition of being blessed is is probably different from most people.
Ironically, my first approach to understanding this chapter, in which Christ teaches us what being blessed is all about, for lack of better words was a carnal approach.  I considered current human conditions and experiences as reasons to explain why people have difficult times receiving this word. However, these are spiritual concepts that require spiritual maturity in order to understand them.  Trying to understand or practice a spiritual concept, but adhering to the flesh, often times lead to frustration or utter failure.  I wonder how often this is done. To be more exact,  I wonder how often do we try to understand the work and ways of God  with carnal eyes.   If so, what have we forfeited in doing so? Does this affect or influence our  teaching others about him?



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