Because I’m Happy Part 2

Because I’m Happy Part 2

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  1. cmbc - April 17, 2014 4:32 pm

    “Fighting to stay focused on Christ”

    As we continued our series on the fifth chapter of Matthew I further analyzed why in today’s society we can fall short in receiving this word. In this chapter, Christ is giving encouragement to his disciples concerning the trials and tribulations they will face being his followers. In my last blog I intended to express that receiving this word required spiritual maturity. One’s understanding of it requires an elevated way of thinking, as well as a lot of faith. Simply said, it’s very difficult to tell someone you are blessed even though you’re currently going through all types of turmoil. Many of you probably have a different word for it besides turmoil. In today’s society, you have to show people exactly what you want them to believe now or its simply going to be taken as a lot of talk or bad investment. Otherwise, they will really have to trust in you. Imagine having to promise somebody something beyond this life time and they have never seen or talk to you before. Evangelists probably find themselves feeling somewhat like contestants on the gameshow Shark tank. With advancements in technology, this society has created globalization. Meaning, anyone with access to the right computer can have instant access to the world and vice versa. A person who has not matured in Christ can be exposed to a great deal within a matter of minutes. Imagine concepts battling each other for dominance in a person’s mind and spirit. Some might coin it mind or spirit pollution. Its hard to focus on a spiritual concept, when you have so many others combative within. Perhaps, this is a call to protect our minds more and scrutinize the information we process. Its coming instantaneously along with a lot of more things on devices we take everywhere with us. Nevertheless, we must question how is it interacting with word of God within our spirit. What concepts are taking dominance in our lives. To be continued…..



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