April 13, 2014 Anger Management

April 13, 2014 Anger Management

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  1. cmbc - April 17, 2014 4:31 pm

    Story of John and BoBo. Used to tease baby and as he got older he hurt someone because of his being teased. He now has anger management issues. Couldn’t control anger or emotions.
    Adam Sandler – Anger Management movie

    Beneath comedy is a foundation of reality. A hint seriousness and reality. Beneath sarcasm is truth and we live in an angry society.

    We are in need of anger management here in church. Our tempers are uncontrolled and uncontrolled anger has destroyed some key relationship in your life. Like a time bomb waiting to explode. We like pressure cookers ready to explode unless the temperature is turned down.

    On the sermon of the mount 5:26-27 Matthew
    Some can’t enjoy your praise because you are too angry. This will take you where you can praise God and stop cursing people out.

    Jesus compares murder and anger. When we are angry, we don’t love. When angry we say things that can’t be taken back. Be careful what you put your mouth on in ignorance. We have defensive hearing and snap at what you say to me.
    Stop labeling people based on their temporary position or situation. We categorize prematurely. When you’re angry you are bolder about negative comments. False sense of courage.

    Anger takes us to dangerous places with false sense of courage and security and be justified. Never make major decisions while anger. You will hurt those you love.

    Remedy to anger:
    Reconciliation and restoration is the remedy to all the anger. God will always direct you back to your broke a nod fractured relationship. He will push you to be bigger.
    Self control is good but God wants us to be in control of our emotions. Too emotional and not enough spiritual.

    Agree with the adversary quickly. It’s time to quit existing and start living. The rest of your life should be the best of your life.
    Broken relationships hinder our relationship with God and it should be done right away. We are hypocrites if we say we love God and hate our brother.

    V Phelps


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