Min. Marlowe Cribbs

Min. Marlowe Cribbs

M. E. Cribbs is a Singer, Songwriter, and Preacher of the Gospel.  He began his career in the music business almost 20 years ago.  His is considered one of the Midwest’s most prolific songwriters.  Since 1984, Cribbs has written songs for artists such as Dorinda Clark-Cole of the legendary Clark Sisters, Chicago Mass Choir, New Direction, Reeds Temple C.O.G.I.C., DeAndre Patterson, and many, many others.  His list of past clientele includes various artists from Sony Records, Zomba Recording Corporation, GospoCentric Records, New Haven Records, and Broad Street Publishing.  M. E. Cribbs Quarter-Mile Music Publishing catalog continues to grow.  If not found writing for major artists, M. E. Cribbs can be found writing songs and anthems for the Chicago Public School System as well as other organizations.  According to Cribbs, Relativity is the gift which allows me to create works that touch people.”

M. E. Cribbs answered the call to the ministry of preaching in 1995.  After a long but enjoyable stint as a psalmist, Cribbs understood that God had so much more in store for him.  Even in the present day, God continues to show favor on his life.  He is a recurring minister at many annual revivals and services.  God has even blessed him to be a spiritual advisor to many of Chicago’s most prominent musical organizations.  In addition, he is the Chaplain to the group “New Direction”.  Currently, he serves as an Associate Minister of the Concord Baptist Church, where the Honorable Kenneth D. Phelps is Pastor.  Now, it is his testimony that he enjoys the preaching of the Gospel much more than singing the Gospel.  He attributes this to being able to simplify the plan of salvation and the way of Christian life into terms that serve a modern generation.

M. E. Cribbs has been employed with the Chicago Public School System for 15 years.  Having devoted his entire career to one school (John Hope College Prep High School), he has seen/experienced changes in life that have helped him to better instruct over 1000 students daily, as well as assist them with adjusting to life’s challenges.

To know Cribbs is to love him.  His preaching is precise, his heart is open and his ministry is totally engulfed in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  When it comes to his most notable accomplishment, he says, “the greatest thing I could have ever done was submit my will to that of the Lord’s.”

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